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EA1920iP3 Indoor Poster LED Display

EA1920iP3 indoor poster LED screen display has a simple structure and is easy to operate. It is used for advertising, information release, and product display.

Borderless Design

The borderless design of EA1920iP3 indoor poster LED display brings an immersive and broad field of view.

Ultra-thin Cabinet

The thickness of EA1920iP3 LED display is only 60mm, very thin and light, and the weight is only 40kg.

Full Front Service Design

The full front maintenance design of EA1920iP3 indoor poster LED display allows for easy maintenance of the LED module from the front.

Base with Wheels

EA1920iP3 indoor poster LED screen base comes with 4 wheels that allow the poster led screen to rotate freely and allow free movement in all directions.

Multi-screen Splicing

EA1920iP3 series poster screen can realize large-screen display. The poster LED wall can be played as a large screen or individually.

Smart Cloud Management

LED screen content can be updated via iPad, mobile phone, PC or laptop. Play in real time and publish across platforms. Supports USB or WIFI, supports IOS or Android device operation.

Application Scenario

EA1920iP3 indoor poster LED screen is widely used as posters in shopping malls, fashion stores, exhibitions, hotel lobbies and bank lobbies.